Physiotherapists: The Body Mechanics

To start, imagine driving down the road when you run over a big pot hole and get a flat tire.  Would the first thing that went through your head be “hmmmm, maybe it will get better on its own”?  Probably not.  Now imagine leaving that tire to “get better on its own”  for a week, a month or even a year.  Don’t you think that maybe this flat tire, which could have been fixed easily if it were taken care of initially, would cause further mechanical problems with the rest of your car?  The alignment, the gas mileage, not to mention the damage it would cause to the rims?

Now, instead of having a flat tire, imagine straining your shoulder while playing co-ed softball or while painting that  room that went out of style 10 years ago.  Wouldn’t it be a little easier to say “hmmm, maybe it will get better on its own”?  I bet it would be.  Don’t you think, much like how a flat tire would cause  further mechanical problems with your car, a strained shoulder would do the same to the rest of our body if left untreated?  My guess is that most of us would nod our heads yes, soooooo….. why is it that we treat our possessions better and more proactively than we treat ourselves?

If this scenario speaks to you, don’t let your next injury get the best of you.  Visit a physiotherapist so that your next flat tire doesn’t turn into a full body breakdown.