Diagnostic Imaging: Is “degeneration” or “arthritis” relevant to pain or well-being?

Here are some interesting facts:

The Neck:

An MRI study of healthy adults and seniors found that 98% of all the men and women with no neck pain had evidence of “degenerative changes”in their neck. (1)

The Mid Back:

An MRI study of healthy adults with no history of upper or low back pain found that 47% had disc degeneration,53% had disc bulges and 58% had disc tears in their thoracic spine. (2)

The Low Back:

Lumbar disc degeneration is present in 40% of individuals under the age of 30 and present in over 90% of those between the ages of 50-55.(3)

The Knee:

Up to 85% of adults with no actual knee pain have x-rays that show knee arthritis. (4)

The Foot:

32% of people with no foot or heel pain have a heel spur visible on x-ray.(5)

The Shoulder:

MRI studies of adults who have no shoulder pain show that 20% have partial rotator cuff tears and 15% have full thickness tears. In addition, in those over the age of 60, 50% (half) of those who had no shoulder pain or injury had rotator cuff tears on their MRI that they did not even know about.(6)

Stop worrying about what your MRI and X-RAY may be showing, because scary findings do not have to equal pain and disability.

Start putting more effort into proactive management like physiotherapy and a healthy lifestyle to help deal with the acute pain of degenerative conditions so that it does not end up becoming a chronic condition.

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