Mar 22, 2020 – COVID19 update

Due to the increasing demands of social distancing. Starting Mar 23, 2020 we have changed our hours and practice until instructed otherwise by our regulatory colleges.

Effective immediately
1- We will only be seeing urgent or essential cases
2- 15 min breaks will be put in between patients to avoid overlap and reduce contact
3- we will be closed on fridays
4- we will only open half days on tuesday and wednesday
5- we will have no massage therapy available.
6- we will have no neonatal or infant therapist available.

You will receive a call by our clinic director or admin staff to discuss if your appointment fit the essential or urgent category and we will accommodate the best we can.

We thank you for your understanding at this time.

Aquatic Yoga Fusion

Starting in November 2019, our very own in house Yoga teacher and Registered Massage therapist Jeff Kittmer is going to take our pool to the next level with Aquatic Yoga

Aquatic Yoga Fusion, is a blend of gentle Ai-Chi movements and yoga poses performed in a warm therapeutic pool.  The flowing movements will help you to be more mindful and aware of your body as it moves through the soothing water.  Connecting your mind, body, and breath while releasing the stress and anxieties of everyday life.

  • The benefits of aquatic yoga fusion:
  • Improves circulation and swelling
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Decreases anxiety and stress
  • Enhances your mind body connection
  • Increases flexibility and balance

Email or call us to reserve your spot.  Spots are limited to 4 people per class and are first come first serve.

Soft Tissue Release – Tri City Physiotherapy

What is Soft tissue release?

Soft tissue release is a therapy where pressure is applied on a muscle or connective tissue during movement to fascilitate a stretch or lengthening of tissue.

To maximize effect, the pressure is moved during the stretch to release different parts of the mucle or connective tissue.

Why soft tissue release?

The benefits include increases in venous and lymphatic drainage, increasing fluid absorption, mobilizing adhesions, breaking up scar tissue and helping overall collagen flexibility.

In all, soft tissue release combines stretch and massage which together have better effect on decreasing the size of the scar/painful area and helps organize the direction of the fibres which ultimatley lessens strain. The technique is rhythmic, relatively gentle and takes place in multiple planes to help create a greater range of motion overall.

Still confused or scared it will hurt?

Good youtube video showing how it is done on a hamstring.  Soft Tissue Release

Interested in knowing more.. or are in need of this type of therapy…

Call our staff to book your appointment now or to speak to a therapist.


Supporter of GSM Tennis Club

Tri City Physiotherapy is proud to be a supporter of the all new GSM (Game Set Match) Tennis Club in Cambridge.

We are going to be the provider of rehab and paramedical services to the club members and staff.  We are also planning in the near future on providing an injury prevention course for athletes (and non-athletes) of all ages at the club.  We feel that preventing injury is more important than fixing them once they happen.  Happy healthy and safe play is the key to a long successful sports career.

GSM Tennis Club is a brand new facility serving the entire waterloo region with state of the art flex courts (  These courts are one of the best at providing a safe and orthopedic cushioned play while providing a very similar playing feel to hard courts.  They try to prevent the injury before it happens.

GSM provides year round play with the courts housed inside of a retractable bubble for play in the winter and open air in the summer.

We hope to see you out at the courts staying fit and healthy.  If you want to find out more about future injury prevention clinics call the clinic at 519-620-2229.

If you want to test out the courts call GSM at P: 519.896.7070   E:

See you there

2015 Best Massage and Physiotherapy

We just wanted to thank Cambridge for again nominating us for the readers choice awards best massage and physiotherapy clinic in cambridge.

We won the diamond award in 2014 for Cambridge in both categories and worked hard to keep the same high level of quality care for 2015.

Voting starts Sept 24 at

Remember to tell your friends to vote for us again.

Good Job team and thank you again Cambridge

Winner – 2014 Patients’ Choice Awards!

Another award for Tri City Physio, and we want to again thank the city and region for voting us the best physiotherapy clinic in town.

Tri-City Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation has won the Open Care ( 2014 Patients’ Choice Awards!

They conducted an extensive review of all the clinics in Cambridge to determine the Top 10 and Tri City Physiotherapy was picked as the best. You can read more about the award and about open care at their  blog.


Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness

Interesting Article from the Vestibular Disorder Association giving some background information, symptoms and treatment options.

On of those options for treatment is physiotherapy from specially trained therapist. We at Tri City Physiotherapy have a specially trained therapist and work in conjunction with your family doctor or specialist to get you better and keep you feeling that way.

Treatments are covered by insurance plans just like normal physiotherapy treatments are. If you are unsure if you have coverage, or have any questions about the treatments. Call our friendly staff and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Best Massage and Physiotherapy Clinic 2014 Cambridge

We here at Tri City Physiotherapy want to thank our patients and the city of cambridge for nominating us for the 2014 Readers Choice Awards for Best Massage and Best Physiotherapy clinic in Cambridge.

It has been a great honour treating patients and helping everyone achieve their best personal health over the past year.

Being nominated is the first step and we appreciate that.  The next step is to vote for us when the section publishes in the cambridge times.

The section publishes on September 25th to all of Cambridge and rurals including Ayr!

 When the section publishes the voting begins for one week  September 25-October 3rd at

Simply visit the website and create a log in to cast your votes.  There are other fine clinics that have been nominated as well who provide excellent care as well.  Lets log in and show them that Cambridge and our patients think we stand alone on top.

Can Physiotherapy Help Avoid Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery?

The shoulder requires alot of mobility to function which can make it unstable and prone to injuries. Overtime, this amount of mobility can lead to muscle and tendon injuries named rotator cuff tears.

Rotator cuff tears are common and thousands of surgeries are performed to repair them every year. Despite emerging techniques, many of these surgeries continue to have high failure rates and although many factors are associated with these rates, rehabilitation has been advocated as a first line of defense by many to avoid surgery.

Physiotherapy for Rotator Cuff Tears

A recent study published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery looked at the effectiveness of physiotherapy in treating rotator cuff tears. The study was performed by the MOON Shoulder Group, a group of prestigious orthopedic surgeons and research personnel from around the U.S.

The study followed over 400 patients with rotator cuff tears that were undergoing physiotherapy to see if rehabilitation alone could help people reduce pain and return to function.

After 12 weeks, only 26 % of people elected to undergo surgery based on their symptoms and function. The study followed patients for 2 years, which meant most patients were able to carry on with their lives normally and did not need surgery down the road.

74% of patients with rotator cuff tears were able to avoid surgery by performing physiotherapy

Another recent study in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery looked at physiotherapy for rotator cuff tears in patients that did not have sugery. In this study, patients were followed for 13 years and found that 90% of the patients had no or only slight pain in their shoulder.

In all, what a difference physiotherapy can make in avoiding surgery and saving the patient pain, time and money…never mind the stress on family and the health care costs associated with the surgical process.

So remember: a properly designed physiotherapy program, which includes emphasis on restoring range of motion, enhancing muscle imbalances, and improving stability of the shoulder joint can help many people avoid rotator cuff repair surgery.

Sponsoring Local Athletics – Soccer

headerPreventative action has always been a philosophy that we hold and try to teach all our clients.  If you happen to injure yourself playing athletics, or at work, or even at home.  We help you get better and teach you ways to prevent the injury from happening again.

Tri City Physiotherapy is proud to support local athletics.

We believe that donating to and sponsoring local athletic teams and organizations allow more people to stay or start being active and keep people healthy.  Hopefully not needing our services.

Our latest team sponsor is a soccer team in the Tri City Mens Soccer League (TMSL) Premier division.   The TMSL is a Men’s Recreational Soccer League that operates in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge areas. The league runs from May to September of each season.    The team we are sponsoring this season is “Rest of the World”

This team is comprised of young men over the age of 18 from all cultures and walks of life.  Our sponsorship allows everyone the equal opportunity to play organized sports by helping to reduce associated costs.

We at Tri City Physiotherapy want to wish Rest of the World soccer club good luck this year and hopefully bring home a championship.

Stay tuned for our next blog with our next sport and team sponsored coming in the next few weeks.